Dessert Pocket Bakery is committed to serving great-tasting treats because there's always room for dessert! Adding a twist or offering unique items is our specialty. The desire to serve a truly fresh-baked, hot cookie right out of the oven inspired the creation of Waffoozles, which can be baked in a waffle iron in two minutes or less. Who doesn't love a hot cookie fresh out of the oven?! Waffoozles taste different than any cookie you've ever had -- crunchy outside, soft inside, and glaze dripping off the side. Come in and give them a try!


Mallory Smith is the principal owner and baker of Dessert Pocket Bakery. She started BABI BAKERI LLC, the parent company of Dessert Pocket Bakery, in 2017 as a way to support ailing infants. A portion of every sale is used to purchase infant items for Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. See more donations at


Mallory comes from a long-line of southern cooks and bakers. Creating new flavors and fun, unique treats to share with others is her passion. It's all about the taste -- Taste Before Beauty -- so messy treats are the best!


Tel: 816-295-5573


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