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When our kids were small, they always said their"dessert pocket" was empty after meals. No matter how much they had (or hadn't!) eaten, there was always room for dessert! Our desire to serve a "fresh from the oven" cookie drove us to find a solution and WAFFOOZLES were created. We use the best ingredients in our waffled cookies and cupcakes and top them with an oozy glaze. On the food truck, cookies are freshly-waffled in about two minutes; add a scoop of CHEME for a unique a la mode treat.

BABI BAKERI LLC (BABY BAKERY) is Dessert Pocket Bakery's parent company. My youngest daughter loves babies, so we found a way to give back to the infant community in Kansas City: a portion of every sale is used to purchase 0 - 12 month books and toys for Children's Mercy Hospital, hopefully, making the stay a little bit better. The unusual spelling pays tribute to each of our kids--our girls' names all end in "i" and my son has an "i" in his name as well (a "fluke" we didn't realize until creating a name!). We have donated many items over the years and look forward to continuing putting smiles on those babies' faces. 

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Brett and Mallory Smith

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